Project Highlights

Mission Statement

The United Anglers of Casa Grande is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is to promote environmental awareness through education and
hands-on experience and to save a species from extinction.


Petaluma, California is typical of any small community found in America. It’s 56,000 people spend many hours commuting to San Francisco. Their lives are filled with average daily thoughts, the furthest of them being the welfare of a little creek in their hometown. Once the major source of drinking water, in 1980, Adobe Creek’s seven mile course was unfortunately typical; polluted, diverted, trashed, and abused. Until Adobe Creek was finally declared dead by state officials. What was once the main attraction to the Petaluma Valley in 1830, was now a public embarrassment.

The Need for the Project

Three situations that led to the creation of our Adobe Creek Restoration Project at Casa Grande High School:

The city, county, and state had given up on nearby Adobe Creek. It was labeled “dead” and a nuisance, and plans were drawn up to put it in an underground tube.

The Adobe Creek Steelhead Trout would become extinct without direct human intervention to save its dwindling numbers.

Young people were looking for a way to feel connected to their environment and a positive outlook on their future. They were very concerned about the degradation of the earth environment and wanted to better current conditions.

Four Goals of the Restoration Project

I. The Complete Ecological Restoration of the Entire Seven Mile Long Creek

How this Goal was Achieved:

1983 – Creek conditions before the Project:

City of Petaluma diverting 100% of the water flow into the water reservoir system.

lower five miles of creek devoid of riparian habitat

occassionally Salmon and Steelhead Trout seen

littered, polluted, and channelized

top 1996 – Creek conditions after 13 years of restoration by students:

City of Petaluma diverting 100% of the water flow into the water reservoir system.

The City of Petaluma takes down all water diversions. The stream was set free after 100 years, the entire seven miles of creek have water.

students plant 1,100 trees per year to provide shade and a riparian habitat

over twenty five tons of debris cleaned from creek

sixty-four Steelhead return to spawn in 1995

II. The Protection of the Biological Diversity and Genetic Variability:

How this Goal was Achieved:

Protection of genetic variability is a crucial ingredient to the success of the project and the future existence of the Adobe Creek Steelhead Trout and the Chinook Salmon.

How this will continue to be accomplished by students:

Shadowing the scientists at nearby Bodega Bay Marine Labs, students are on the leading edge of current developing technology. Several members of United Anglers of Casa Grande High School have taken up intern positions at the lab, where they work with scientists in the fields of Pathology, Broodstock Development, and Genetic Analysis.

The coordination of collection of Steelhead Trout and Chinook Salmon material for analysis at Bodega Bay Marine Lab. The results are plotted and graphed, then returned to the facility at Casa Grande High School. This allows students the opportunity to perform correct spawning procedures. This technology allows genetic variability to remain intact.

III. The Development of a Fisheries Research Facility / Conservation Hatchery on the Casa Grande High School Campus:

top 1983 – Students undertake task of creating a site which would provide the following:

a “state of the art” education facility to study the genetic structure of these fish

a site which would serve as an “insurance policy” to preserve genetic material

an alternative safe site for up to 50,000 Steelhead Trout in case of a creek-related problem

a source to supplement naturally spawning fish

a site in which fish could be housed to “buy time” until conditions in the entire system have recovered

1993 – After several years the hatchery is born!

Students raised over $510,000 to complete the facility by April 1993, a triumph of determination! The site is currently meeting all of the above objectives.

IV. The Education of an Entire Community

The goal to educate ALL:

Local newspapers, TV, and radio stations have publicized the project; many to the point of winning National Press Awards.

door to door educational campaign by students and parents, public speaking engagements to community service groups, businesses, corporations, and schools. Over 30,000 people have toured our research facility.

fliers and newsletters

The Project Enhances the Lives of Students


top instills self-esteem and gives students a feeling of self-worth

promotes great interest in school and learning

stimulates interest to continue education

encourages others to “follow suit”

provides opportunity for students to see the “real world”

demonstrates positive role of team work

gives students a feeling of pride and accomplishment

Budget Needs

This project’s single largest monetary need lies in its operating budget. Students maitain a fully functioning Fish Research Facility / Conservation Hatchery, and are responsible for on-going maintenance of Adobe Creek. Funds are presently needed for repair, replacement, and modernization of the hatchery facility mechanical systems (ozone disinfectant system replacement, replacement of water chiller with a larger unit, repair water pump system for raceways). All donations given to this project go toward support of the students’ efforts in Adobe Creek and the Hatchery. This project has no administrative costs. If you would like to make a donation, please visit our donations page where you can use your credit card to make a secure, tax-deductible contribution.


Non-Profit Organization

United Anglers of Casa Grande High School is a tax deductible entity, which

is eligible to receive tax deductible donations. The school maintains its own non-profit tax ID nu



Evidence has shown that the effort of these students has brought the Adobe Creek
Steelhead Trout and Adobe Creek itself back from the EDGE OF EXTINCTION. With your help and support we can keep this project alive for generations…KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!